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The Achievement Governor Central Bank of Somailand

Governor Ali Ibrahim Jama (Baqdadi)


Somaliland  Central Bank Governor Ali Ibrahim Jama is managing the bank through a clear cut development oriented management style. He has established the Central Bank policy, money laundering


policy, Islamic bank policy. He has also refurbished the central bank’s main Hargeisa branch as well as the Berbera branch.


The governor has also trained central bank staff to help improve their work. Under his watch, the Somaliland shilling has steadily gained its value with the US dollar and he has also helped reduce inflation rates in Somaliland. The governor has also improve working relationship between the central bank and the government and also improved and maintained working relationship with the world bank through high level strategic meetings with world bank senior representatives in Nairobi.


Last but not the least he has also established relations between Somaliland Central  Bank and the UK Central Bank which in turn has provided crucial monetary management training in London to some of our senior Somaliland central bank staff, such trainings are very valuable to our team and country in setting up proper fiscal management.