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Somaliland and Zambia are looking on ways of building closer relations on trade and development.

Zambia Justice Minister Gavin Lubinda held talks with Somaliland President Muse Bihi on Tuesday morning at the Presidential palace in Hargeisa where they discussed matters of mutual interest between the two countries.

Zambia and Somaliland have enjoyed close relationship over the years.

Former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda twice visited Somaliland and enjoyed good relations with the Republic of Somaliland.

During the Tuesday meeting, President Muse and the President of Zambia Edgar Chagwa Lungu, spoke on the phone, discussing bilateral relations and closer cooperation on matters trade and development.

They discussed issues such as strengthening relations between the two countries, and the history of the two countries since the colonial era, which has resulted in the people of Somaliland living and working Zambia.

Somaliland has been on a shuttle diplomacy across Africa to build close ties with different countries as the country looks towards gaining development partners in the continent and seeking allies within the African Union to press for international recognition.