2 Saudi sisters committed suicide together

2 Saudi sisters, Asra Abdullah Alsehli (24) and Amaal Abdullah Alsehi (23), committed suicide together in their apartment in Australia.

Moving to Australia

Asra and Amal moved to Australia in 2017 with savings of $5,000, and in 2022, they applied for asylum. In their applications, Asra claimed to have been an atheist, while Amaal said she was a lesbian.

As atheism and LGBT are against Islamic law and punished in Saudi Arabia, the girls feared going back.

Asra Abdullah Alsehli, 24, (left) and Amaal Abdullah Alsehli, 23 (right) were found dead inside their Canterbury unit in the city’s south-west on June 7, 2022.

They were continuously receiving money from their family until February 2022. The sisters received a last payment of more than $4,400 from the family in Saudi Arabia on February 3, 2022.

The girls also drove a black BMW coupe, usually costing $38,000.

Why did they commit suicide?

According to Australian police, the two sisters remained inside their apartment from late February. It was because they had not been receiving money. They had an unpaid rent of $5,000.

The police visited them several times to remind them they would be kicked out of the apartment if they failed to pay rent.

Ultimately, it seems they committed suicide in April 2022, but no one knew about their death.

When the police arrived in June 2022 for the eviction of their flat, they found both dead in their apartment. They were in their separate rooms, lying dead on their beds.

How did they die?

They might have taken sufficient pills for them to die, as no traces of chemicals are found inside the unit. Moreover, the pill taken cannot be detected after two months of taking as its traces from the body disappear.

The dead bodies of both sisters had been sent to Saudi Arabia, and police will investigate the reasons for their death.