Ethiopia: Institute of Foreign Affairs launches book exploring Ethiopia’s main strategic options on #Nile_River and #Red_Sea

Ethiopia’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) launched a book today titled “የሁለት ውኃዎች ዐቢይ ስትራቴጂ” – loosely translated as “The Grand Strategy of Two Waters” – at the #Abrihot_Library in #Addis_Abeba.

According to Jafar Bedru, IFA Director General, the book discusses in detail the Nile Basin and the Red Sea as key strategic areas for Ethiopia’s national security. “It lays out helpful strategies” to assist Ethiopia’s efforts to “return to the Red Sea and get ownership of sea outlet.”

Speaking at the launching of the book, which has six chapters, Jafar further explained that the book envisions and identifies ways in which to help Ethiopia gain access to sea outlet by increasing cooperation with neighboring countries and by growing together.

He added that the main issue in the Horn of Africa today is “finding a formula” in which mutual efforts are strengthened “in a friendly way.”

The lack of resources in one country in the region provides an opportunity for cooperation and joint use of resources among the countries of the Horn, he said, adding that “if we can establish the necessary infrastructures for the Horn of Africa countries to unite and connect”, the region has immense opportunities to come out of the “cycle of conflict” and become a region of development and connectivity, according to IFA. AS