7 reasons we gain more weight in Saudi Arabia

Gaining weight is an extremely common occurrence that every man realizes once he has shifted to Saudi Arabia. Normally, they realize it when the clothes they brought along don’t fit. Here are the reasons we gain more weight in Saudi Arabia than in any other country in the world.

Public Transport

The cities are not designed for walking, and there is no mass public transport so there is no point in walking anywhere, anytime.

High Temperature

The temperatures also contribute to making it unbearable to walk outside, for at least 10 months of the year.

Excessive Fastfood

No working man has the time to indulge in fine or healthy dining. The main choice of food is fast food, which we end up eating multiple times a day. That certainly does not help us on the weighing scale.

Even when we find the time to go out with our male colleagues, we tend to show our manhood with our portion sizes, which again adds to our waistline.

Limited Entertainment Opportunities

Working in a country with so many races and cultures can often prove to be extremely stressful, as most men would agree, and we beat the stress by eating.

This is also because there are very limited entertainment options, we only find entertainment in shopping and our favorite thing to do, which is to EAT.

Hard work

We work hard and we deserve to treat ourselves, or at least we think we need treats. This means we can indulge ourselves in a piece of cake, or maybe three whole cakes. Since we are alone, no one can stop us (sinister laughs).

Distance from the family

At the end of the day, we are alone, at home, thinking of our families. We need comfort food, and since we have nobody to impress with us over here, we can consume any amount of food we may deem necessary.

No Competition

Lastly, when most men around me are usually larger than or as large as me, I don’t feel motivated to improve my weight. There is no one to compete you:-)