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A Charcoal Trader cuts 120 year old  Tree in Puntland


 A 120 -year old Canjeel tree (botanically Mimusops Anjel) had succumbed to the tree cutting machine of a charcoal trader in Puntland State of Somalia.

Known as Daalbi’iye (fatigue slayer), the tree was in the countryside of Addin-girmaale, six km northeast of Iskushuban district in Bari region. Its shade benefited people sheltering from the baking sun or holding meetings under the tree.

Fallen: The tree succumbed to a tree cutting machine of charcoal trader whom authorities have taken into custody.

Canjeel is one of trees that grow in the coastal and non-coastal areas of Bari. During autum sprouts on the tree help bees with pollination.

Demonstrations erupted in Iskushuban when the news about the cutting of the tree reached the district. Authorities managed to arrest the suspect accused of cutting the tree to turn it into charcoal.

The trunk of the Canjeel tree shows how the charcoal trader went about cutting the tree to turn it into charcoal.

In a statement the Puntland Ministry for Environment said “the suspect will be brought to justice”. A torrent of anger about cutting trees dominated the social media.

Puntland State Government has been lenient towards charcoal traders responsible for deforestation.