Inclusivity Through Education: Driving Equal Opportunity and Strengthening the Global Black Community
This year’s Global Black Impact Summit will unite the global Black community towards the goal of achieving inclusivity through education, ensuring all students receive the opportunity to develop the skills they need to thrive
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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, June 29, 2023/ — Education systems that value diversity and the unique contributions that students of all backgrounds bring to the classroom is the most effective way to ensure that all students receive a fair opportunity to develop the skills they need to thrive. As such, this year’s Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) ( – powered by the Black Impact Foundation (BIF) and organized by Energy Capital & Power ( – taking place in Dubai from 30 November to 1 December, will serve as the premier opportunity to highlight the role that inclusive education plays in allowing diverse groups to grow side-by-side, to the benefit of all.

Building a cohesive global Black community by increasing involvement and participation in educational, social, and business opportunities serves as one of the BIF’s core mission statements. The Foundation aims to provide opportunities to reach a better quality of life through the development and strengthening of an inclusive and equal society.

Inclusive education means that every child has the right to quality education and learning. As such, successful inclusive education ensures the right to high-quality instruction, interventions, and support that enables success in the core curriculum. Attention to student diversity is imperative towards making sure all students feel welcome, appropriately challenged, and supported in their efforts towards developing the skills they need to become well-informed and productive members of the global community.

Connectivity and inclusivity will be a significant steppingstone towards building education systems that establish a community of influential role models and impactful leaders that strengthen the Black community around the world. As such, solutions towards promoting inclusive education will ensure that no students are left behind.

The Summit aims to drive conversations around the development of social economic independence and responsibility. By focusing on inclusivity through education, GBIS 2023 will serve as a pillar towards further developing an equal society through entrepreneurship, research, and support to improve and encourage social mobility throughout and within the global Black community.

There is an urgent need to examine the intellectual, cultural, and political contributions of the African diaspora and harness the analytical tools to strengthen the global understanding towards enabling researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to develop transgressive possibilities of education worldwide. Diverse education adds richness and depth to frequently overlooked forms of knowledge. Such scholarship is poised to promote comparative and international perspectives while positively impacting all Black children, young people, and adults across borders.

What’s more, improving school facilities and home learning environments can serve to boost attendance, learning outcomes, and children’s wellbeing. As such, it is critical to implement and develop platforms that increase access to associated funding that adequately supports the provision of quality education to further build, protect, and sustain an equal opportunity global society. To achieve this goal, teachers must be trained, buildings must be refurbished, and students must receive accessible learning materials, while national governments must align laws and policies to ensure children are reached with effective services.

In establishing an inclusive educational system, different models of funding and different modes of how resources are processed will need to be taken into consideration in order to provide the most effective and equitable benefits to students. By recognizing the societal needs and restrictions of the global community, productive conversations around gender equality, children with special needs, and access for low-income households will serve as a steppingstone towards ensuring that all students receive the opportunity to have learning experiences in line with their aspirations.

Powered by the BIF, whose vision is to create a community that asserts the value, builds a capacity for social economic dependence, and improves the quality of Black lives, GBIS 2023 will be the most comprehensive summit for global leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and students to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the global Black community. The upcoming GBIS in Dubai will highlight the power of connection and networking between individuals and communities and, by recognizing the role inclusive education plays in fostering wellbeing and social change, make substantial progress towards developing societies that value diversity and inclusion.
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