Vertiv Introduces Water-Efficient Liquid Cooling Solution for High-Density Data Centres in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
Vertiv™ Liebert® XDU enables liquid cooling for high-performance computing applications, while supporting waste heat recovery and the circular economy
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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, December 1, 2022/ — Vertiv (NYSE: VRT) (, has introduced the Liebert® XDU (, a new generation of thermal management systems that supports liquid-cooled servers and enables the control of liquid quality, flow and pressure. As high-density computing applications such as data analytics and machine learning increase, rack densities and temperatures are exceeding the cooling capabilities of traditional air-cooled units and require more efficient and sustainable solutions. The Liebert XDU coolant distribution system enables the deployment of liquid cooled server applications into any data centre environment, from core to edge computing sites. The system is now available across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

“High-performance computing applications such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality are growing in popularity at the same time that data centres are working to reduce their energy consumption and pushing the industry to find new, more sustainable solutions,” said Roberto Felisi, senior global director and EMEA business leader for thermal management, Vertiv. “Many colocation providers who have traditionally relied on air cooling are now hosting applications with higher power processors that require more efficient heat management solutions like liquid cooling. With the Vertiv Liebert® XDU, our customers can meet the high-density computing demand whilst improving their operational efficiency.”

The Liebert XDU is an innovative liquid-to-liquid cooling distribution unit available in two capacities, 450kW and a model capable of up to 1368kW, circulating water through liquid-cooled server racks and rejecting the heat from the returning warm water. The system uses a closed water loop to avoid any waste, and is capable of capturing heat to utilize it to warm nearby offices, homes or farms, supporting the circular economy. The Liebert XDU utilizes integrated state-of-the-art controls to vary pump speed to optimize supply water temperature and to provide intelligent flow monitoring and alarms. The compact solution can be placed in the row near the rack it is cooling, or along the room’s perimeter.

Vertiv developed the Liebert XDU in close consultation with data centre operators and server manufacturers, who are deploying ultra-high-density, high-performance computing solutions more frequently across many different types of data centres. The company has defined a strategic roadmap to enhance thermal management technologies that enable liquid cooling adoption as part of its increased investments in research and development.

“Liquid cooling is not a new technology but we’re now seeing a real opportunity in the market to drive more innovative thermal management solutions. The Liebert XDU solution offers the possibility for Vertiv’s customers to introduce rack-level liquid cooling and reap the environmental benefits,” said Jon Summers, scientific lead in data centres at RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden. “We look forward to support Vertiv’s R&D roadmap and to combine their engineering excellence with the rigorous analysis and testing capabilities of RISE as part of our ongoing research partnership. This will bring a deeper technical understanding of sustainable and effective approaches for the data centre industry.”