BBC Somali’s Disgusting Propaganda: Targeting Somaliland to Smear Our Nation!

This isn’t just incompetence, it’s a blatant attack! The recent BBC Somali editorial on HIV rates in Somalia is a disgrace masquerading as journalism. They’ve gone beyond bias and straight into malicious propaganda!

1. Somaliland Used as a Pawn

The headline screams “Somalia’s Cities ans HIV Rates,” but slaps a picture of Hargeisa, our capital, right in the middle! Trying to trick us, BBCSomali Come on? Somaliland is a sovereign nation, and Hargeisa has nothing to do with Mogadishu’s statistics! This is a deliberate attempt to mislead and slander Somaliland!

2. BBC Somali : the Ministry of Misinformation?

The article name-drops various Somalia cities, but the only photo they use is Hargeisa, the capital city of the RoSL. Why? Because they don’t care about facts, they care about smearing Somaliland! And where are our voices in this entire sham? Silenced! The BBC quotes only Somalia health officials, pretending they have any authority over our internal data. This is utter contempt for journalistic ethics!

3. This is More Than Bias, It’s an Insult!

This isn’t some accidental mistake. The BBC Somali purposefully used a photo of Hargeisa to sensationalize a story that has nothing to do with us. It’s a calculated move to undermine our independence and sow discord. They think they can get away with it, but we won’t stand for it!

4. Somaliland Demands Accountability!

The BBC Somali needs to be held to the fire for this garbage. We demand a full retraction of the misleading photo, a complete correction of the article with an explanation for this egregious error, and a groveling apology. But that’s not enough.

5. Somaliland Will Not Be a BBC Somali Punching Bag!

We will not tolerate this blatant disrespect! I urge the Ministry of Information to take serious legal action against the BBC. A formal complaint and a demand for a public apology with complete transparency about their editorial process is the least we deserve.

6. The World Needs to Hear Somaliland’s Voice!

We’re done being misrepresented by the likes of the BBC Somali. We need to amplify our own media channels and get our story out there directly. The world needs to hear the truth about Somaliland, from us!

Share this post! Let everyone know how the BBC is twisting the truth! Together, we will hold them accountable and expose their deceitful propaganda!

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Hamse A. Khaire