Calls grow for Ilhan Omar to be expelled from #Congress after she says she’s advocating for her homeland of #Somalia Democrat congresswoman #Ilhan_Omar faced calls for removal from Congress after remarks at a Minnesota event where she advocated for Somalia, her birthplace. In a viral clip, she thanked Somali President and emphasized unity. Recent tensions between #Ethiopia and Somalia intensified following the Memorandum of Understanding (#MoU) Ethiopia signed with #Somaliland, a deal Somalia rejected. Omar’s advocacy for Somalia stirred controversy, with GOP figures like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump Jr. demanding her expulsion. Republican Tom Emmer labeled her comments a “violation of her oath.” Others questioned her loyalty, suggesting she prioritizes Somalia over #America. Omar defended herself, criticizing the translation and calling critics propagandists. Republicans accused her of neglecting American interests, contrasting her advocacy with border issues. Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene labeled her a “terrorist sympathizer,” while Diana Harshbarger criticized her allegiance.