24th Africa Oil Week Programme at the Cutting Edge of Industry Evolution

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PRESS RELEASE Africa Oil Week is bringing out some big guns in terms of analysis, inspiration and motivation LONDON, United Kingdom, September 8, 2017/ — ITE (http://APO.af/1d7VY7), organiser of leading international oil and gas events, is pleased to announce the highlights of the forthcoming 24th edition of its internationally renowned Africa Oil Week, which will… Read more »


20% drop seen in sheep prices: Sheep prices are expected to decline by 20 percen

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Saudi Gazette report JEDDAH — Sheep prices are expected to decline by 20 percent following the lifting of ban on livestock imports from Somalia and arrival of two million heads of sheep, said Fahd Bin Siban Al-Sulami, a member of the board of directors of Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI). Al-Sulami said traders… Read more »


Warbixinta afar biloodka ah ee xaaladda warbaahinta Somaliland ku sugan tahay

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Afar bilood kasta Xarunta Xuquuqal Insaanku waxaay soo saartaa warbixin afar bilood le ah oo ku saabsan xaaladda warbaahinta Somaliland. Warbixintu waxaay ku dhisan tahay kormeer ay samayso Xaruntu. Warbixinta afar bilood laha ah ee ay hadda soo saartay waxaay ku waramaysaa 11 April ilaa 7 August 2017 wixii dhacay. Mudadaas gudeheeda kow iyo toban… Read more »


Ethiopian Government Acquires Land in Sudan for Port Development

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August 19, 2017 – Following this week’s Ethiopian prime minster, Hailemariam Dessalegn’s visit to Sudan, the two countries have inked an agreement that would enable Ethiopia to develop a port facility at the Port Sudan through which Ethiopia plans to handle half of its foreign trade volume. According to Dessalegn Ambaw, Ethiopian Transport state minister,… Read more »


Africa Oil Week 2017 Announces Dynamic, Forward-Looking Programme

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PRESS RELEASE Africa Oil Week 2017 Announces Dynamic, Forward-Looking Programme The 24th Africa Oil Week incorporates the 17th Africa Independents Forum (23 Oct), the 24th Africa Upstream (24-27 Oct), the 5th Africa Local Content Forum (23 Oct) and the 5th Young Professionals in Oil, Gas & Energy session (26 Oct) LONDON, United Kingdom, August 18,… Read more »


Nigeria – Acting President Osinbajo: “The intimidation of a population by words, by speech is an act of terrorism and this government intends to take this matter very seriously”

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Office of the Acting President of Nigeria PRESS RELEASE Today We Draw Line, Hate Speech Will No Longer Be Tolerated – Acting President Osinbajo It’s an act of terrorism, he warns ABUJA, Nigeria, August 17, 2017/ — Opening Remarks by His Excellency The Acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, San, Gcon, At The National Economic Council,… Read more »