State Department Is AWOL In Somaliland Elections

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Somaliland held its seventh elections in 30 years yesterday. More than one million citizens registered to vote, a process that, for the second time in three years, included processing for biometric iris scans in order to secure the process. Nearly 800 candidates are seeking seats on local councils or in parliament. There are 2,709 polling… Read more »


Taiwan congratulates African ally for holding

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Taiwan congratulates African ally for holding   By Kelvin Chen, Taiwan News, Staff Writer 2021/06/01 Somalilanders line up to vote. (Taiwan Representative Office in Somaliland photo) TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s envoy to Somaliland, Allen C. Lou (羅震華), on Monday (May 31) congratulated the East African nation for successfully holding its first elections since 2005. This… Read more »


Somaliland: Unprecedented Turnout And Peaceful Conclusion To Elections

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The Somaliland parliamentary and local government elections held on Monday, May 31st saw an unprecedented turnout and a peaceful conclusion to the poll.     From Sanaag to Selel, Awdal to Sool, the long lines of voters stretched back as far as the eye could see. Voters of every age and gender waited patiently to cast their… Read more »


Somaliland Parliamentary Elections: Peace and Democracy

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Photo: AMISOM / Tobin Jones, public domain This is a guest post from our sister project Africa Elects, covering the elections taking place 31 May in Somaliland. As such, the labels and colouring of parties in this article may differ from Europe Elects’ usage. Somaliland is a paradox. Self-proclaimed independent territory of Somalia in 1991, it is not recognized… Read more »


Somaliland: The little country that could — if only the world would let it

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Toggle navigation       AFRICA Somaliland: The little country that could — if only the world would let it By Peter Fabricius• 30 May 2021  Election workers load ballots at the National Electoral Commission headquarters in Hargeisa, Somaliland. (Photo: Richard Harper)  Less Somalilanders go to the polls to boost their claim for independence.  Follow Save    … Read more »


Somaliland “Africa’s Lap of Democratic

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  Somaliland Situated along the Red sea in East Africa, Somaliland has an estimated population of 4 million people. The country is known to have great stability among the African countries. Somaliland is admired all over the globe for its democratic practices over the past 30 years. The country restored its independence in 1991 after… Read more »


Somaliland: Heads To The Polls

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On Monday, May 31st, the Somaliland voters will head to polling stations across the country to elect a new parliament and local governments. The election will be contested by the three national parties, UCID, Kulmiye and Waddani, and will be observed by international monitors from across the world, lead by former Sierra Leone president, Ernest… Read more »


Somaliland 30th anniversary

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Somaliland celebrates 30 years of independence on Tuesday 18 May The 30th anniversary of Somaliland falls on Tuesday 18 May 2021. It is a day people from all over Somaliland celebrate their independence. Previously big events used to held in the towns and cities of Somaliland, but due to this year’s pandemic issues I think,… Read more »