Continueous Baseless Dollar Devaluation By Somaliland National Bank

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There are people who do not understand the difference between what they know and what they think they know. It is bad when this kind of people are officially appointed to a position of paramount importance to national economy stimulus. Somaliland national Bank does not principally and practically have the abiliy to regulate fluctuations of… Read more »


Saudi King calls emergency summits of Gulf, Arab leaders in Makkah

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Saudi Gazette report Riyadh — Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman has called emergency summits of Gulf and Arab leaders in Makkah on Ramadan 25 (May 30) to discuss ways to enhance regional security and stability in the wake of the attacks on commercial vessels in UAE territorial waters and on two Saudi… Read more »


Somaliland: Congratulations On The 28th Anniversary Of May 18th

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Somaliland: Congratulations On The 28th Anniversary Of May 18th The staff, contributors and patrons of Qarannews Media Group would like to extend their felicitations to all the people of Somaliland, both at home and abroad on the 28th anniversary of the reclamation of sovereignty. Qarannews supports the government, the national parliament, the national parties, the… Read more »


Somaliland ambassador in Ethiopia received today the ambassadors of Finland in Kenya and Ethiopia

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  Qarannews (Addis Ababa): The new Somaliland representative to Ethiopia, Salan Hassan Abdille welcomed the Finnish Ambassadors to Ethiopia Kristi Aarnio and Kenya, Tarja Fernandez, to the liasion office in Addis Ababa. The two ambassador’s paid a courtesy call to the new Somaliland representative, Salan Hassan and his deputy, Mohamed Abdikarin. Finland is one of… Read more »