Somaliland: New National Teacher’s Training College Inaugurated

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Somaliland: New National Teacher’s Training College Inaugurated. The Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi, accompanied by the Minister of Education & Science, Osman Aden Jama, and other dignitaries opened the new national teacher’s training college in Hargeisa. Speaking at the opening ceremony, the president paid tribute to all teacher’s across Somaliland, who are educating and moulding… Read more »


Somaliland: Who Is The Thief To Be Impeached? The One Who Transferred The Unjustifiable Debt? Or The One Who Covered Up and Concealed The Debt?

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    Somalilan is a country that has lost a vital hold on its past. It is the historical equivalent of leaving an ailing mother alone in her home, closing the door, and never seeing her again. A moral lobotomy occurs; the central decency perishes and after that, any deed is possible. Indecency began on… Read more »


Somaliland: The National Armed Forces Are The Vanguard Of Defence

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Somaliland: The National Armed Forces Are The Vanguard Of Defence The Somaliland National Armed Forces are celebrating the 25th anniversary of it’s creation this month. The forces were inaugurated in 1994 after the amalgamation of the various militias that took part under the umbrella of the Somali National Movement (SNM) which liberated the country from… Read more »


Why Did Colonel Muse Biixi Cover Up Siilaanyo’s Loan Of Eighty Million Dollars? How Such Huge Loan Has Incurred? Who Are The Lenders?

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Somaliland politics, reduced to self-enrichment profession devoid of leadership accountability, is now brimming with peril. An immediate act of cause-driven tinkering is all that is needed. Politics is a bundle of principles in quest of consistent checks and balances. In a governance context, politics is a human system that is prone to error and bitter… Read more »