Farmaajo And Col. Tuke Photographed Together

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  The head of the federal government in Somalia, Mohamed Abdillahi Mohamed, “Farmaajo”, has been photographed with convicted war criminal, Colonel Yusuf Abdi Ali, aka Tuke. Col. Tuke a former Somalia military officer was convicted of torture at a Virgina court earlier this year. The torture took place in Gabiley, Somaliland, during the civil war… Read more »


Somaliland: Waddani Conference Gets Under Way In Burco

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    Somaliland: Waddani Conference Gets Under Way In Burco The Somaliland main opposition party, Waddani, began it’s central committee conference in Burco on Saturday September 28th, 2019. The conference which has been attended by delegates from across Somaliland, as well as, members from the diaspora follows the recent conference by UCID in Burco. The… Read more »


Berbera Ports Projects Unlocking Somaliland Economic Potential

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On the southern coast of the Gulf of Aden, sits Somaliland’s Berbera port. It occupies a strategic position in the Horn of Africa and lies on a busy shipping route for traffic to and from the Middle East and eastern Africa. Muse Bihi Abdi, President of Somaliland states that “Berbera is important to Somaliland, to… Read more »


Qatar Airways Reports Record $639 Million Loss

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QATAR Qatar Airways has today published their annual report for 2018-2019, and the results are rough. You have to read quite a bit into the report to see just how bad things were. The title of the press release announcing the results simply says that the report “highlights strong growth in overall revenue.” Then the… Read more »


Saudi Arabia sold consulate building where Khashoggi was killed

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Saudi Arabia has sold its consulate building in Istanbul where Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed last year, a Turkish TV report claimed. Haberturk TV said on Tuesday that the building located in Istanbul’s upscale neighbourhood of Levent was sold to an undeclared buyer 45 days ago for one-third of its value. “A new building… Read more »


New Amiri decree grants residence permits without sponsor for investors

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Doha: The Amir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani on Monday issued Decree Law No. (23) of 2019, amending some provisions of Law No. (21) of 2015 regulating the entry and exit of expatriates and their residence. According to the amendment, the competent authority in the Ministry of Interior may issue entry permits and… Read more »