Open Letter to the Government and people of the Kingdom of Sweden

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I am writing from Hargeisa, the capital of the Republic of Somaliland. I am Somaliland citizen who is outraged by recent disrespectful and ungrateful press release issued by the government of Somalia where it condemned Sweden over diplomatic row between Sweden and Saudi Arabia. The government of Somalia does not represent the people and the… Read more »


Warqaad Furan oo deg_deg ( express open letter) oo ku socota Madaxwayne Siilanyo

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Asc Wr Wbr Bismilaahi ARaxmaani ARaxiimi Haddii uu aay xukummadda Somaliland rabto inaay samaayso isbadal ku yimaadda goolaha wasiiradda Xukummadda waa in Madaxwaaynuhu uu shaqadda ka eryaa Dhamaan wasiiradda Hogaamiya Wasaaradahha Hoos ku qoran, 1) Wasiirka Madaxtooyada Xirsi fircoon 2) Wasiirka Macadanta iyo Tamarta 3) Wasiirka Wasarada Duulista iyo hawadda 4) Wasiirka Wasaarada Sportska iyo… Read more »


Open Lettere To The Nation Of Somaliland

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If somebody believes Somaliland cannot govern by them, and would not work without the rest of Somalia; the Somalilanders figures their country can do better without the rest of Somalia. Some rumors said, all Somaliland Officials, and elders are two side of the same coin, because both would favor concessions to prevent a split, and… Read more »


Open Letter to H.E President Obama

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Dear Mr. President, I firstly take this opportunity to extent my congratulatory remarks for your recent and outstanding Nobel Price and also to extent greetings from South Africa and Somalililand respectively. I am well aware of the responsibilities faced by your office and the US. I am further aware of the duties that lie squarely… Read more »


Ururka dhalinyarada ee Habaryoonis/UK, oo baaq nabadeed u diraaya Somaliland

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BAAQ NABADEEDURURKA LIIBAAN UK Ku: Madaxwaynaha iyo Madaxweyne ku Xigeen. Ku:Golaha sharci dejinta, WAKIILADA IYO GUURTIDAKu: Waaxda Cadaalada iyo Gaarsoorka.Ku: Culuma Udiinka Somailand.Ku: Madax dhaqameedka SomalilandKu: Xisbiyada Mucaaridka ah, kulmiye iyo Ucid.Ku: Ururada bulshada, iyo ganacsatadaKu:Saxaafadaha   madaxa banaan iyo  kuwa dawliga ahba Waxa aanu  halkan  marka hore tacsi uga diraynaa dadkii wax ku noqday mudaharaadkii 12/… Read more »


An open letter to Mr. Dahir Rayale Kahin, President of Somaliland

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My cousin, Mr. President, let go with dignityAt the outset I should congratulate you on a work well done. Your overall performance is highly commendable, given to the difficult circumstances prevailing in the region and the insurmountable challenges you face at home. The fact that you have maintained the peace and stability of such an… Read more »


Opposition Parties Position Letter.

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Date: 23 August 2009 It is difficult to imagine a situation where the same problem keeps reoccurring, and the same failed solution keeps being applied time and again. At some point lessons need to be learned and the lunacy of repeating the same experiment and expecting different results must come to an end.  It is… Read more »


An open letter to the donors/stakeholders/Interpeace/Mr. Robin Zamora

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 INTERPEACE AND SOMALILAND VOTER REGISTRATION First and foremost, the people of Somaliland do appreciate the efforts of the donor nations for assisting the Republic of Somaliland in the preparation of a National Voter Register as a gesture of nurturing the nascent democratisation process in the country. In return the donor nations should get the value… Read more »