25th – 27th Oct. 2022
The Garhajis Clan, one of Somaliland’s major clans, convened Grand Conference named
Dalwanaage in Burao between 25th Oct 2022 and 27th Oct 2022 with representation of all
societal sectors of the clan. The conference discussed about the current political situation
of Somaliland, exchanged reports, analyzed and assessed the recent events in the country
during the last year. During these deliberations, it has become clear that Somaliland is on
the verge of unprecedented uncertainties that put great risk to its unity and the very
existence of Somaliland state, when the president:
– deliberately ignored the constitution and governing laws of this country as well as
the consultations and political accommodations that were characteristic of
Somaliland approach to conflict resolution.
– Rejected and failed all dialogue and mediation efforts by Somaliland’s prominent
leaders, traditional leaders, religious leaders, top business leaders and anyone
who was concerned about Somaliland in order to reach settlement to the political
deadlock that has held back Somaliland democratization process and elections.
As a result, the Conference made the following decisions:
1. Garhajis clan stands for unity, co-ownership and goodwill for the people of
2. The clan calls for an inclusive and consensus-based agreement between political
parties for the presidential election based on the time-span scheduled by the
National Election Commission, before the 13th November 2022 which is the last
day of the legal presidential term of the president and the vice president. If such
agreement is not reached, no election will take place in territories inhabited by
Garhajis clan.
3. The extension made by the Guurti for the president and the vice president was
not in accordance with article 83/5 and it was not based on political
understanding and agreement, therefore, Garhajis opposes any extension that is
not based on the constitutions or on consensus-based political agreement.
4. The protracted political conflict in Somaliland can bring security risk that
impacts on Somaliland and the region, therefore, Garhajis clan calls all political
stakeholders and the international community to immediately intervene in order
to return the government to the constitutional and legal process.
5. The killings and other violations including torturing committed by the
government against unarmed and peaceful demonstrators were premeditated
genocide. The clan is pursuing the perpetrators and calls for independent and
international investigation.
6. We demand the restoration of independence and the check and balance of
national institutions and separation of powers between the Executive,
Legislature and Judiciary branches that were the pillars of Somaliland state but
now all under the president’s rule.
7. We call the government to stop interfering the free market of the economy, and
the governing laws must not be politicized and manipulated in order to advance
special interests.
The Conference calls all clans who value peace and unity to stand up for the salvation
of Somaliland.