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My take out of that debate was disappointing indeed
Whether they deliberately disregarded or unconsciously omitted
They didn’t sufficiently talked about what the diaspora is to Somaliland
1_ the Diaspora saved Somaliland during the Afwayni economic strangulation
2_ they were the back bone of SNM the
Somaliland libration
3_ they were the only resources for the reconstruction of the new liberated Somaliland
4_ They were and still are the economical resources of hundreds of thousands of Somaliland families.
5_ they have invested the country mentally and materially. They built Somaliland
6_ Around 80% of the national budget of all the successive governments
of Somaliland came and still comes from diaspora the debaters called “qorba joog”

As Somaliland forgot the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Somaliland the debaters did intentionaly forgot what the diaspora did for their country. It was all envy and ignorance

The qorba joog and the wolqol joog was created by the Afwani suicidal regime. We all became refugees, internal ones and diaspora. However both of them are citizens of Somaliland.
They created a wedge and and a division between the bothers and sisters. Tribal divisions are enough

The thing I regret most was that the new and popular Mayer of Hargeisa has participated that disappointed debate and like most of the participants vilified and diminished the role the Diaspora played in building the second Republic of Somaliland
The Mayer fumbled and dropped the ball there
I hope he will grow in time
By the way I still trust the morality of the new Mayer.

He must unite all the citizens of Somaliland, he must not divide them, uniter and not divider
I assume you are not a divider.
Somaliland must at least respective their diaspora brothers and sisters who immensely contributed to our country

Mead’s observation
2021-07-18, 04:36 – Ibrahim Mead: PS: most of the participants including the new mayor were not respectable to the Diaspora at times their tone was discriminative

In one moment the mayor said” we don’t want them to come back with empty pockets” what ever that means

Well, they are citizens and they can come back home with or with out money, dead or alive however they come home with money and the ” qolqol joog” is the receiving end in some way or the other

In the end we are all brothers and sisters sharing one home land.
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