Ethiopia: Drone strikes in #Amhara region kill dozens of civilians

A series of drone strikes last Sunday in the Kawot and Molale districts of North Shewa Zone, Amhara Region, have resulted in the deaths of numerous civilians, according to local residents and eyewitness accounts.

Eyewitnesses reported to the BBC that a drone strike in Kawot district targeted Gulo Primary School in the Tere kebele. They stated that the drone circled the area several times before carrying out the strike during a Parent Teacher Association meeting at the school.

The attack resulted in four fatalities, while five others, including teachers, sustained injuries. Among the injured are three teachers, two of whom are women, as well as an elderly school assistant in his 70s.

Separate reports from Deutsche Welle (DW) indicate the death toll at the school may have been higher, with seven teachers killed according to some eyewitness accounts. These reports state the attack occurred around midday.

In another incident reported by DW in the same zone, a drone strike took place in Mezezo town located in Molale District. Residents reported that four unarmed civilians were killed in this attack. Additionally, three members of the Fano militia group and a woman selling liquor were also among the casualties. The drone targeted a grass hut near Mezezo town.

Source Addis Standard