On the occasion of the 116th Army Day, which was celebrated this morning, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who also serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Armed Forces of #Ethiopia, emphasized that the country does not seek to achieve its goals through force or invasion. Addressing concerns that have recently arisen regarding a potential conflict over the issue of the #Red_Sea, the Prime Minister stated that Ethiopia’s intention is to engage in discussions about specific matters rather than resorting to military action.

During his speech, Prime Minister Abiy reassured the defense forces and the Ethiopian public that the country has no hidden agenda that requires the use of force. Instead, Ethiopia aims to foster cooperative relationships with neighboring nations in order to attain shared benefits, development, and prosperity. He added, “We will not employ force against our fellow brothers to impose our interests.”

The 116th National Army Day was commemorated at #Meskel_Square this morning with a series of special events. The ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Abiy, government officials, ambassadors, military leaders from different countries, senior leaders, and members of the army, as well as representatives from various sections of society.

Source Addis Standard