Ethiopia provided 58.01% of Kenya’s January import of electricity. The drought in Kenya forced the country to import a record 68.48 kilowatt-hours of power due to reduced local hydro-power generation. Ethiopia was able to gain USD 39.73 million from the export.

Kenya started importing power from Ethiopia in November last year after the two countries entered a 3 year power purchase agreement for 25 years. The price of 1KW is agreed to be USD 6.5 cents per hour.

During the first phase of the agreement, Ethiopia will export 65MW of electricity during off-peak hours and 200MW of electricity during peak hours. The second phase of the agreement will see the sale of 150MW of electricity during off-peak hours and 400MW during peak hours while in the third phase of the agreement, 400MW of electricity will be exported to Kenya at all hours.

Ethiopia has already signed memorandum of understandings with Somaliland, Tanzania, and South Sudan to supply electricity.

Source: Fana BC and 2Merkato Archives