In order to bolster its maritime capabilities, Ethiopia, a landlocked nation, has turned to France for assistance in developing a naval force. This initiative comes in response to the dynamic geopolitical landscape of the Red Sea region, where Ethiopia aims to deploy a naval presence to ensure safety and security.

The aspiration for a naval force was articulated by Dima Nego, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs at the Ethiopian House of Peoples’ Representatives. The discussion took place during a meeting on January 17, which saw the participation of French military representatives and members of the Ethiopian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Peace Standing Committee.
Tawfik Abdullahi, leading the Foreign Relations Subcommittee, engaged in dialogue with the French delegation led by Thomas Gassilloud. The conversation highlighted Ethiopia’s commitment to peacekeeping and the critical importance of the Red Sea region to the country’s security interests
Ethiopia’s intention to strengthen its Air Force with advanced equipment and training for pilots and technicians.
The proposed acquisitions include transport helicopters, multi-role helicopters, transport aircraft, attack helicopters, fighter jets, UAVs, ballistic missiles, and electronic warfare systems. These procurements underscore Ethiopia’s commitment to enhancing its military capabilities in the face of regional challenges and its reliance on France’s support to achieve these goals.

Source Millatari Africa