Ethiopia to begin repatriation of detained citizens from #Saudi_Arabia tomorrow

The Ethiopian government is set to start repatriating its citizens currently held in detention centers across Saudi Arabia, beginning tomorrow, according to State Minister for Foreign Affairs Birtukan Ayano.

State media reports that a high-level delegation led by Birtukan Ayano held discussions with the Ethiopian Embassy in #Riyadh and the Consulate General in #Jeddah to establish a framework for identifying and returning the detainees.

Birtukan stated that the repatriation effort demonstrates the implementation of Ethiopia’s citizen-oriented foreign policy. She confirmed that preparations have been finalized to facilitate the return of Ethiopians held in detention facilities in Riyadh and Jeddah, commencing tomorrow.

This repatriation initiative is part of the Ethiopian government’s larger plan to facilitate the return of approximately 70,000 nationals deported from Saudi Arabia in the third phase of the repatriation process.

Last Sunday, the delegation met with Saudi officials in Riyadh to establish a framework for the safe and orderly return of Ethiopian detainees currently held in various temporary detention centers across the country.

Subsequently, State Minister Birtukan visited Ethiopian detainees in detention centers to assess their living conditions and coordinate the repatriation logistics with Saudi authorities