The Livestock Development Institute (LDI) has reported that animal product exports have yielded approximately USD 86 million in revenue over the past eleven months.

The country exported approximately 20,000 tons of animal products including meat, honey, camel milk, and offal products were exported to various countries worldwide. The major destinations for the products were the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Nigeria, and Kenya.

According to Sahlu Mulu, the Deputy Director General of the LDI, the institute is making efforts to increase the value of these products and expand market destinations. Sahlu further stated that new market destinations for Ethiopian animal products have been established in Cambodia, Seychelles, and Azerbaijan through agreements.

Ethiopia’s meat exports find their top destinations in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, with significant exports also going to Qatar, Bahrain, and Vietnam. Meanwhile, camel milk is primarily exported to Somalia, Somaliland, and Djibouti, and honey exporters target European and Far East markets.

To improve the quality of meat and dairy products, Ethiopia is working to access Chinese and other viable markets. Ethiopia ranks sixth in the world in livestock resources and has the potential to export 200 thousand tons of meat per year. The Ministry of Agriculture launched a National Red Meat Strategy in November 2022 to increase red meat production and exports, enhance markets, and develop the productivity of feed industries, .

Source: Fana BC and 2Merkato Archives