EU urges #Eritrea to fully withdraw troops from Ethiopian territory, address human rights concerns

During the 78th session of the #UN General Assembly, the European Union (EU) has urged the government of Eritrea to promptly and completely withdraw any remaining troops from #Ethiopian territory, as mandated by the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission.

In a statement released yesterday, the EU highlighted the importance of conducting independent investigations into alleged violations and abuses of human rights and international humanitarian law by armed forces against civilians. According to the statement, these investigations are essential for delivering justice to the victims of the conflict in northern Ethiopia, both within and outside the Tigray region.

Additionally, the EU expressed deep concern regarding the human rights situation in Eritrea, citing the findings of the Special Rapporteur’s report. The report uncovered the arbitrary detention of a significant number of individuals, with many Eritreans still unaccounted for. The EU called upon Eritrea to transparently and promptly address these cases by revealing the whereabouts of the missing individuals and releasing those who are being unlawfully held.