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Farmaajo Annual Medical Checkup Report 

1-Ultrasound found abdominal Jubaland abdominal pain, Galmudug nausea, Puntland vomiting, Southwest abnormal colon bacteria and Hirshabeele lumps. 

2-MRI machines detect severe nepotism tumors, dictatorial trauma, constitutional development delay disease, federalism developmental anomalies, early Ethiopian multiple sclerosis, Somaliland stroke, madoobe sleep disorder, Shabab infection, and American headache. 

3-PET scan found small cancerous like term extension fever, Fahad type changes in brain, Khaire heart beat fluctuations, and federalism neurological disorders. 

3- CT scanners detected clan bone and opposition joint problems, complex cadaalad fractures and extensive travel tumors, qaraabo influenza, musuqmaasuq heart disease, mariixan emphysema 

4- X-ray machines detect qolo naceyb, some clan love infection, laaluush syndromes, acute nariixanism, chronic Hiiraan hate, puntland conditions, Mogadishu cystic fibrosis. 

5- laser eye imaging shows sharp tribal vision, blurry vision for federalism, clear centralism, 

selective miscalculation, poor judgement foreign cataract, qabiil diabetic type one, and Galmudug glaucoma, qabiiliste eye disorders include Nabad nacayb and shabab jacay! 


Please see your American specialist as soon as possible for further consultations & for possible therapy