Fostering Mutual Growth: The Flourishing Relationship Between Taiwan and Somaliland
Fostering Mutual Growth: The Flourishing Relationship Between Taiwan and Somaliland

Strengthening Bilateral Ties
Dr. Edna Adan Ismail, the former foreign minister of Somaliland, during her recent visit to Taiwan, lauded the solid bilateral relationship that has been developing between Taiwan and Somaliland. The visit, facilitated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, included a meeting with Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu and other delegates from Edna Adan University and its affiliated hospital.

Praise for Taiwan’s Progress
Dr. Ismail, who is also the founder of the university, commended Taiwan’s advancements in various spheres such as politics, economics, and women’s empowerment. Moreover, she expressed her gratitude for Taiwan’s assistance and support to Somaliland. Both Dr. Ismail and Minister Wu underlined their commitment to deepening cooperation between their respective nations.

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A Cultural Exchange
The visit also involved a luncheon hosted by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Chen Li-guo. Dr. Ismail, a renowned women’s rights activist in Somaliland, was invited to Taiwan by the Chou Ta-kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation to participate in a series of charity events titled “Light Up Life, Illuminate the Earth.”

Recognizing Somaliland’s Significance
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized the importance of Somaliland as a crucial friendly nation for Taiwan, particularly in the East African region. The ministry stated that it will continue promoting various exchanges and cooperation with Somaliland to strengthen the bond between the two countries.

Escalating Bilateral Relations
Bilateral relations have been on the rise since the establishment of representative offices in Taipei and Hargeisa in 2020. Taiwan has been instrumental in providing support to Somaliland in areas like healthcare, education, and information and communication technology. Furthermore, in April, a Taiwanese business delegation explored cooperation opportunities in minerals, livestock, and fisheries in Somaliland.

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Towards a Mutually Beneficial Future
The continued cooperation between Taiwan and Somaliland not only strengthens their respective positions on the global stage but also fosters mutual growth and development. Both nations are committed to deepening their relationship, leading to a promising future of mutual progress and prosperity. The partnership exemplifies the potential for beneficial diplomatic relations and cooperation, even amidst geopolitical complexities