In principle, good and bad actors love the stage. But while good actors share the stage, bad actors hog it for themselves. The same goes for writers and those politicians with agendas. A good writer, for example, will know plenty of history, literature, geography, and hopefully, a few proverbs by heart. A bad writer will discuss “ode to a Grecian urn” and be unable to say what the significance of Arcady is.

A good politician discusses the pressing issues and the way he will encounter them and hopefully, will emphasize that there will be not only victories but failures also. A bad politician with an agenda, like Muse Biixi, promises the sky during campaign trails and be unable to deliver it after the election.

These days there are other people who get sick and then begin to rant and rave after Hargeisa Mayor to assuage their sickness whenever they see the light at the end of the tunnel, while most people look forward and hope for the best, people who get agitated when they see bridges and roads being repaired or reconstructed, individuals in the local council who get irritated when they see initiatives by the Mayor, Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge, to beautify Hargeisa.

These people have following special characteristics: Their passions never begin to cool. The evil in their hearts never inflames their bosoms. Content never becomes their companion. Corruption always accompanies them. Only sanddunes can mellow their greed and heal their arrogance.

This kind of people are not born for our society. They want to eat and steal public tax that the mayor allocated it for Hargeisa development projects. Their ultimate aim is to let the lamps that Mayor lit go off

Dear citizen, just be aware of their contagious disease.

Hargeis residents must fight if evil individuals try to remove Mayor Mooge from his mayoral position.

Hargeisa, Somaliland

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