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Honor and respect those who saved you and gave you a country.

Honor 18 May. 15 May is not 18 May. It has nothing to do with our liberation

It seems that Mother Somaliland is still dancing with the evil! She is still in-bed with the wicked!

She is like an old legendary woman who disrespects who ever helps her but respects who hurts her!

Somaliland has fallen in the hands of those who disregarded God’s laws as well as the constitution and the rule of law of the Republic of Somaliland. They are in the executive branch, they are in the Guurt and They are in the House of Representatives. They are greedy, fraudulent, unruly, sanctimonious, but most of all un-Godly. Somaliland seems dancing with these misfits!

Little wonder, since when the blessed Month of Ramadan became a dead month which we can’t do what we are supposed to do- which is Work and Worship at the same time?! Since when 18 May became 15 May?! Those who want to change 18 May are same and equal to those who deny our independence, sovereignty as well as the aspirations of the people of Somaliland both the living and the martyred!

Would this nation called Somaliland ever existed without those Mujahedeen, who saved us, and saved Somaliland from the ethnic cleansing policy of “displacement and replacement” of Siyad Barre regime?

Where would this nation be without the Mujahedeen who shed their blood for our existence and for our freedoms? It’s not hard to remember. It’s not hard to appreciate the sacrifices made for our freedom, but yet we don’t remember nor give its dues to that history and to the people who made that history and the date (18May) marked for that history!

It became hard for many of us to recognize and say at least ‘thank you’ for what the Mujahedeen have done for us. We have to respect our independence day which is 18 May. It is not hard!

We don’t appreciate the sacrifice made for our existence and freedoms!

How do we honor them? This return of good rendered to us could start with simple things, like Respect, appreciation and recognition and say ‘thank you’ what they have done for all of us. To every man and woman who has fought for our people and our country and those who are currently fighting for our people and our county. Pray for God’s blessing on them and their families. What you must not do is to put their families and the widows of the martyrs who came to Hargeisa seeking help in jail as Siilanyo’s government did!! What you must not do is to change 18 May. We can chew the gum and walk at the same time if we are honest for Somaliland’s independence and sovereignty and dignity. We can have Ramadan and as well celebrate 18 May independence day.

Allah bless all of us

Allah bless 18 May

Ibrahim M Mead