Somaliland has been placed on the spotlight by international media following the Thursday chaos in which government forces attacked protesting opposition followers leaving five dead and over 100 injured.

Media outlets in Africa, Europe and the America focussed on the chaos which the opposition accuse the government of orchestrating.

The opposition parties WADDANI and UCID and their supporters have decided to hold street demonstrations to push the government of President Muse Bihi to hold presidential elections in November 13 as per the country’s constitution.

While the government had on Wednesday okayed the street demonstrations, it changes tune on Thursday sending its security forces in different regions where the demos were being held. The result was deaths and injuries.

President Bihi who the opposition has accused of being a dictator an infringing on the democratic right of the citizens to picket has now banned all street demonstrations. The opposition on the other hand has vowed to continue with the protests.

Political tension in the country remains high.

Below are links on international media coverage of the chaos.