The unanimous approval by S/land parliament
of the electoral law for simultenous elections
of the presidency and new political association is a progress not only for the opposition parties, but for the whole nation, when it comes to
S/land election process.

The idea of simultanous elections is about structuring S/land election process in
a manner that elections to the presidency and new political associations are synchronised
together so that the election to both can be
held within a given span of time.

Why? Because there are many advantages
in simultaneous elections, of which the
below mentioned ones are included.

1. Saving in election expenditure.
2. Saving in time and efforts to conduct
frequent elections.

3. Preventing the state from further political disputes on when, why and which election
to be delayed or held first.

4. Voting ballots are to be counted through randomisation process – a step- by-step procees beginning form polling stations to election district stations to NEC station, to avoid dispute over counting results.

5. No possibility to extend presidential term
will be made by the so-called Guurti without extending the term of the three national
existing parties as well.

This means that the parties, the sitting president, and new political associations
are to be treated impartially, fairly, properly,
and reasonably by the law and by arbiters
of the law, that laws are to ensure that no injustice befalls either the ruling party or oppositition parties, and that, where injustice
is alleged, a remedial action is taken – both
the opposition parties and ruling party
receive a fair trial.

Challenges of simultaneous elections.

1. Voters, most of whom are illiterate, will
need to be educated to cast multiple votes simultaneously so that they should not excercise franchise wrongly.

God dammit those who blame S/land
parliament for the approval of their original electoral law draft and disregarding the one in which the so-called Guurti made insignificant amendments.

One thing that makes a meaning and has become all too obvious to every sensible
citizen who have a concern for S/land’s
social and political progress is that the
so-called Guurti’s main intention is to keep
S/land nation in suspense and senseless
merry-go-guilt in order to stay in office to
receive salaries they don’t at any rate
deserve. The nation cannot afford an
electoral law with the problems/points
that will cause the same political conflicts
again and again.

Kudos to S/land parliament

By:Jama Falaag.
Hargeisa S/land.