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It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed.
Somaliland needs a leader with sympathetic and merciful emotions, whose 1st priority at this current
situation in Somaliland shall be to bail out and support the thousands of families from rural community,
who lose all their livestock due to famine and are in a situation of misery & starvation in unrecognized IDPs;
a leader enabling them to start their nomadic live again; a leader whose thoughts are always concentrated
on the hardships and needs of the soldiers, the farmers, the teachers, the nomads, , orphans in the camps,
the jobless youngsters fleeing from the country, the poor families under the poverty-line living in all
Somaliland towns and villages, and the mothers struggling to feed their children with very difficult activities,
and even the street children. Somaliland needs a heart-driven Intelligent leader with professional cabinet members, whose 2nd priority
shall be to introduce monetary and fiscal policies to solve the Inflation crisis, to save his poor people from
this economic crisis associated with the general increase of the prices of the common services and goods
that we are within; to get rid of this long time staying financial crisis that caused our peoples’ lives to
worsen day after day; a leader who is free from corruption, not stealing tax payer’s money; a leader with no
tendencies to corrupt even a single cent; a leader who welcomes scrutiny, for scrutiny allows a good leader
to be an even greater leader
Somaliland needs a great leader who serves the best interests of the people and the country; a leader who
keeps his word and does not lie to his people; a leader with integrity, one who says what he means; a leader
who doesn’t make false beautiful promises, just to reach the chair; a leader who is not greedy to safe as
much dollar as he can; while hundreds of thousands of his people are under mass starvation, hunger and at
the edge of death due to the famine; while others are in the mid of high inflation that they can’t get
properly one of the three meals in a day. Somaliland needs a leader who should always be open and tolerant to criticism from the public; not a leader
who is afraid of his dirty hands to be revealed under heavy light; not a leader who is silencing the contrary
opinion and dissent; because he only feels secure in the darkness; a leader who supports the media and
true freedom of speech, not oppressor with censorship ideals; a leader who make decisions and
agreements that can have great positive impact on the well-being of our nation and our people, not for his
benefits; a responsible leader who will give high regard for morality & law abiding; a leader whose deriving
joy is in serving for his people; a Leader who is willing to listen to the voices and needs of the common
people and willing to represent them faithfully; a peacemaker leader, one who unites not divides. ”Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of your people. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal
greed”. Mwai Kibaki

Adam Ali Younis
Email: aayonis@hotmail.com

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