Goats & Sheep suffer severely in Hargeisa
Dear Mayor,
Let me remind you about Omer ibnu Khadab who was worried that if a mule stumbles in Iraq, then Alla May ask him why he didn’t pave the road. (سبحان الله ) To hit the point without further delay, goats & sheep are denied to remain outside planes but kept in towns such as Hargeisa where they eat cardboards, plastics and slippers (Dacas). They don’t have access to vegetation & they scavenge trash. It is certain u tried your level best to send goats & sheep out of town but sadly owners made you believe that it wasn’t the time of the year to dispatch the animals to the rural areas because of the drought which could spell disaster but to wait for the green season to come. It is animal cruelty and abuse not to protect the rights of animals. Additionally, there are stray dogs and abandoned donkeys everywhere. Therefore, as a city Mayor I am of the opinion you are responsible to find solutions for these animals. It is obvious goats & sheep will never get good living conditions in a polluted town and they have to be transported to where they belong since the rainy season started. That will save you from further questions in the hereafter. Additionally, I am putting the emphasis on (اتق الله حيثما كنت)
More so, your tireless effort to make Hargeisa in a better shape cannot be denied but the animal welfare equally deserves your attention too.

Abdi Mustafe