Writen by Qaran News |

His excellency Neil Wigan

British High Commission
Upper Hill Road, P.O. Box 30465-00100,


Dear Mr. Ambassador


I have the honor to write to you this letter,i am sure i have written this letter to you ontime. I beg you to consider the meaning of this text carries.

Somaliland people are concerned about the illegal actions that the government of Somaliland is doing about the upcoming Somaliland’s presidential election scheduled in june 2015.

Strategy intended to achieve of goal holding the coming presidential election is purporting in a verge of collapse,the president of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud rejected the (Road Map)agreement signed by the all parties(sides).

The president does not want an election he wants to sit illegaly and that is a deep regret and upset,the international community should intervene the situation to force the president to hold free and fair elections

Sure if the presidential election is not hold and president and his team continue the destruction of fragile Somaliland Democracy,the country will face a serious of critical crisis,people uprising,civil war,and then somaliland could be a failed state.

If presidential election fails,the president of Somaliland is responsible for what happens and its consequences and international community should witness it.

Yours faithfully