After Michael Jordan retired from the NBA, player after player tried to emulate Jordan’s game and success, yet there is no player like Muchael Jordon in the history of NBA.

To copy or to emulate someone’s behavior
or try to be like someone else because you admire or respect that person is not a common practice in S/land. Even government officials don’t often emulate good thoughts from each other.

But these days making a viral social media video, without auditioning for a reality show, or showcasing unique passion or problem-solving skills has become the most practiced means by which some chaps try to gain fame (popularity). Mayor Mooge is exceptional because he proved himself through practical sense.

I am not jealous. Life is always a pursuit – the pursuit of fame, fortune and power. Pursuit of popularity is a desire that all people share in common.

However, popularity can be sought by design. Seeking popularity by design means you must design purposefully each element of your world, from business to politics, from friends to foes toward your definition of how fame (Popularity) is gained.

The pursuit for fame (popularity) requires a discipline. It requires a lot of run-in. It requires principles, it requires prudence, it requires an ability to transform worries into wisdom.

Fame doesn’t mean that you prove yourself by argument, but it does mean that you’re living intentionally and with vision that people can understand and know exactly where you want to go and with what means you can use to reach where you haven’t been to.

People need new thoughts, new ways of doing things, new solutions to the existing problens, an exposition that explains how people can get themselves out of tight situations.

One can be popular by having a good sense of humor; a willingness to create new ideas; a vision that can live a meaningful life, a hope to sell, hints showing where the sense of tomorrow will lie. Arguments are what always wears all Somalis out.

Weeping one day with a grouo and weeping the other day with another group does not make a meaning to people who need a real change. Sticking to where you first found yourself is better than running amoke around.

By: Jamafalaag
Hargeisa – Somaliland.