Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has undergone a successful shoulder surgery in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as confirmed by the presidency. According to official statements, Mr. Mohamud is in the process of a smooth recovery following the “minor” medical operation, although specific details regarding the nature of the shoulder issue were not disclosed.

The president extended his stay in Abu Dhabi for a few days post-surgery, during which he held meetings with high-ranking Emirati officials, as reported by the state-owned Somali National News Agency.

Following his recovery period in the UAE, President Mohamud, who is seen with an arm sling publicly, proceeded to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he is set to participate in the Saudi-Africa summit.

President Mohamud’s medical procedure comes amidst his international engagements, marked by visits to various countries, particularly in the Gulf region, since his re-election last year. These diplomatic efforts aim to garner support for his government’s ongoing offensive against the militant group al-Shabab. As the president resumes his duties, the nation awaits updates on his health and continued diplomatic initiatives.