News from Mudug region indicates that troops belonging to Puntland’s opposition have constructed barricades in strategic locations in the towns of Laacdheer, Galkacyo, and also along the northern outskirts of that city.

These forces have reportedly declared their intention to block the upcoming local elections in Puntland.

Additionally, the security forces of the Puntland administration, tasked to deliver election materials to Mudug are said to be stationed in Garoowe and are not allowed entry to enter Mudug regions.

Opposition politicians, critical of the electoral process and the selection of delegates, have alleged that President Deni is trying to manipulate the upcoming Puntland presidential elections in 2024.

Although there are still ongoing disputes regarding the electoral processes and the one-person-one-vote in the regional government of Puntland, President Said Abdullahi Deni has stated that the scheduled elections will take place on time.
The President of the Puntland regional government, Said Abdullahi Deni, emphasized in a recent speech that Puntland will successfully hold inclusive elections, allowing for the participation of all eligible candidates and voters, and that anyone dissatisfied with the process can address their concerns through appropriate channels.

The one-person one-vote elections are set to commence in all districts of Puntland, and political opponents within Puntland are actively campaigning against what they are calling a flawed elections process.