Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to 50,000 expats

“Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to more than 50,000 foreigners,” said Abdul Aziz Al-Khayal, deputy president of the Saudi Human Rights Commission.

Saudi Citizenship to 50,000 people

During his speech at UN High Commissioner’s Program, he made clear that Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to more than 50,000 people along with their families.

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These people were displaced from their country and moved to the Kingdom during the social, economic, or political turmoil in their country. During the turmoil, the family planned to move to the Kingdom and get settled there.

Saudi Iqama for 800,000 people

He further highlighted that Iqama was issued to nearly 800,000 people who were living in the Kingdom without having proper documents and this will help them to move freely, and get proper education, healthcare, and work. Such people are also exempted from all the fees and fines.

In the end, Al Khayal thanked the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for playing a significant role in protecting the refugees and also appreciated their efforts for showing keenness in promoting and protecting human rights.