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Somaliland: Berbera Corridor Inaugurated


Hargeisa,(Qaran news)- The Somaliland President Muse Bihi Ahmed, accompanied by the President of the Somali Region of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, Mustafa Mohamed Omar, have together inaugurated the construction of the new road which link the port of Berbera to the Somaliland-Ethiopian border town of Wajale.

The road known as the Berbera Corridor which is funded by the Abu Dhabi Development Fund, will be over 250 kilometres long and will have seven major bridges. There will also be a 21 kilometre bypass to the Somaliland capital, Hargeisa.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, President Bihi traced the historical economic ties between Somalialand and Ethiopia, as well as, the ancient sea faring commercial ties with the former Trucial States, now the United Arab Emirates. Goods from the Ethiopian hinterland were brought over land to the ports of Berbera and Seylac and then on by dhows to Aden and as far as Muscat and Dubai.

President Muse Bihi Abdi included in his remarks the economic potential of the Berbera corridor in creating jobs and developing the trading opportunities in Somaliland, Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates.

Also speaking at the ceremony, the President of the Somali Region of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, Mustafa Mohamed Omer, paid homage to the ties between all the Somali people in region, culturally, socially and economically. The president declared the Berbera Corridor will bring these ties even closer.

Speaking on behalf of the Abu Dhabi Development, deputy-Director General, Syed Khalifa, highlighted the potential of the Berbera Corridor along with the development of the Port of Berbera by DP World. The construction of the road is expected to take up to 22 months and will also link with a new civilian airport in Berbera.