Today we, S/land people, are socially disorganized and divided. We are weak economically. We are unstable politically. Morally we are confused. Spiritually we
are demoralised.

Social fracture.

The divisions in our society has caused
our people and our institutions to disagree
with one another and act negatively toward the common good. This caused an atmosphere where every individual dismisses what the other may say and suggest, where two persons cannot share with one blanket when it is cold, until almost all people reached a stage where every clan expects the annihilation of the other.

The main cause of social fracture is due
to our people’s inability to understand the difference between unity and disunity; probably what people can do when they are united and what they can’t do when they are divided. Proverbially, unity is a mercy, while disunity is
a punishment.

Economic deterioration.

We, S/landers, are incredibly consumers
and have no skills that can get us out of being unproductive. We don’t produce our basic needs. The food we eat, the cloth we wear, the cars we drive, the tea and coffee we drink, the cell phones by which we contact with one another, the body lotions that are meant to moisture the skin and keep it soft, smooth and healthy, the guns with which we kill one another, all white goods, etc, are neither our own make, nor
our own produce. All of these materials are made and produced by people who don’t
look like us; people who may retain their goods for their own needs in hard times, and who may not even be happy to see us and all our likes to survive.

Resultantly, the size of S/land economy
is decreasing and remarkably shrinking tremendously. The ability to import basic
food from the outside is diminishing due
to the lack of hard currency that used to
be earned from livestock exports to Saudi Arabia. A nation that cannot at least
produce its own staple food in this time
and age is a parasite nation.

The biggest global issues facing humankind today include food insecurity, population growth, climate change, heatthcare etc. The questions that need asking are:What do we own? What do we, as a nation, produce? Do we really think about what we will do if global food scarcity
will get worsened?

Due to population growth and climate changes that caused food insecurity, attempts and initiatives to get rid of unproductive people are already under way, whether you believe it or not. And it is for you to understand who and how that
could happen.

Peace and stability at risk.

Fear of uncertainty arises in S/land as a result
of a lack of consensus; a failure to materialize the sense of ‘nationhood’ in the citizenry,
occasioning an enviromnment where foolishness doesn’t inhibit ambition and disorderly behavior, where neither the
elder nor the intellectual has the gut to
challenge when those who are in power
violate the constitution (vide Saleebaan
Gaal’s irresponsible action in which he openly
threw the law for holding the elections together out of the Guurti office), and where the present situation can only be fraught with uncetainty. Gacanlibaax justice movement and the war in Lasanod are examples of the uncertainty and instability in this land.

Moral confusion.

S/land citizens are morally confused about their leadership’s inability to indentify and clarify exactly where something is right and wrong. For instances,, doing what is good for all and
contending with what is bad for all is not totally how the present S/land leaders use to handle the affaits of this country.

Conversely, S/land current leadership
has the tendency to make the difference between two things less clear so that people have difficullty in seeing or knowing the
exact truth about things happining in S/land
and why.

Spiritually demoralised.

Here is how S/land people are demoralised.

As they say, “A leader without a clear
vision and plans only abuses his power because visions, plans and goals are the fulcrum along which the loads of success will evolve. And where power is abused, there is manipulation instead of inspiration.”

As we are aware of, most of our people
turned aside or away from what is good,
true, lawful or morally right when S/’land incumbent leadership deliberately corrupted
the mind and moral of the people, by weakening their faith and trust in governance, and by discouraging and dispiriting them to stand
up for what is ethically acceptable and essentially required.

The reason why S/land was suffering from political turmoil for the last six years is that
when S/land leaders failed to serve their people, they just resorted to create cynical plots that kept the public in constant conflicts. There is nothing that can’t be solved.

The struggle for power has evidently been and still continues to be the only major cause of human conflict. Political turmoil is not new to S/land. If so, why we didn’t overcome it?

Here is how.

Conflicts cannot be solved when conflicting parties accuse or allege that the other side is completely wrong and each side blames the other for doing wrong and blindly violating the country’s constitution.

Profoundly, both conflicting parties cannot
be wrong, the incumbent administration and opposition parties. One of them is absolutely wrong because, to dimiss and disregard whatever others suggest and assume that your views are always right contributes to pointless animosities that never end. This is not how differences are solved. This is how differences are escalated.

The ability to listen, understand and engage in gentle reasoning is always the most effective means to resolution. Recognising and regarding your oppenents’ rights and good intent not only opens hearts, but opens minds as well.

How the Colonel behaved and still continues to behave is not exactly what can even hopefully open opposition’s eyes, leave alone their hearts and minds as well. Muse Biihi’s contradictory speeches that he delivers in all occasions prove this point. What he says today, he will never have tomorrow, meaning that Muse Biixi is just a man of many words.

Can a nation survive under a man of many words? The answer is a resounding no, and
here is how.

Generally, people always begin to worry
when the government system is not delivering the results that is needed, for people always value governments for their fruits, not just for their roots. Of course, the fruits of any government become ripe and get reaped when governments have to handle three problems: The absence of justice, the absence of accountability, and the manipulation of law for personal gains.

A leadership mindset that is against what is lawful, but favors for what is unlawful is a good way to look at how the two Colonels want to handle the problems that S/land is facing this moment.


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