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Somaliland: Do We Have A New Supreme Council?

Does Somaliland have presidium much like the one of the old revolutionary junta of the defunct Somali Democratic Republic?

This picture illustrates the power concentrated in one community in Somaliland. Granted that President Muse Bihi was elected in a one person, one vote system, and the appointment of the Chief Justice, the Minister of Finance and the Commander of the Somaliland Defence Forces, all stem from the previous administration of Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silaanyo”; the addition of a powerful Information minister, from the same community, does not, optics wise, look good.

Add to that the countless other figures from the same community trading on the President’s name.

Just recently, President Muse Bihi stated that his administration was “inclusive, all Somaliland’s communities are well represented”. That may very well be the case.

However, when your community members are in charge of the army, treasury, and the judiciary, it is pretty much game set and match.