Somaliland representative to the European Union Amb. Keysar Abdillahi Mohamed said that the Puntland administration has neglected its duties towards its subjects and instead is focusing on inciting tribal conflicts between brethren.

A statement issued by Ambassador Keysar and published in the local media noted that it was ironical that instead of the Puntland administration collecting taxes from its subjects, it was the Da’esh groups that do it while the administration is focused on inciting clannish and tribal conflicts between brethren who deserved peace and development.

The diplomat also pointed out that the Las Anod crisis has beared open the fact that the Puntland administration do not have a state security outfit as such but depend on ragtag clan militias which they have no control over.

He said that different and various clan militias separately sent batches of militias to form the ragtag SSC fighting force in the name of clannism only to plant seeds of discord and exacerbating conflicts hence rendering closely knit communities asunder.

In contrast, Ambassador Keysar said that Somaliland built a National Army and matured the era of the tribal militias hence have a solidly united armed forces for the past 26 years.

He said that as much as Puntland claims that it is not part of the Las Anod quagmire, it is indeed its tribal ragtag militias that are deep in it.