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Somaliland Recognition, each of the Ex- presidents did what? — what is next?

When a territory declared itself as a state, the first step that is needed is to make sure that it is eligible to claim as sovereign state according to the minimum standards for statehood specified by the customary international law: It must have a defined territory. It must have a permanent population. It must have a government with all its status; capable of interacting with other states. However, Somaliland state was established and declared that it withdrew from the unification with Somalia and standing as an independent state. It ensured the world that it meets or marches the qualifications and conditions of statehood; and it has the right to declare itself as an independent country. This was achieved during the period of ex-president Marxuum Abdurrahman Ahmed Ali.

Somaliland designed its flag, money, Passport and national anthem. It established its own government with its legislative body, judiciary sector, all institutions of the executive body headed by a president, security forces and national army force. It prepared and implemented internationally acceptable financial and monitory systems; using a national budget. It prepared its own National Constitution approved by a national referendum that 97% of the voters voted in favour and support of the constitution. It took the democratic system that its leaders and MPs come through elections. It established all institutions needed for the work of its democratization and elections, as well as all concerned regulations and procedures. the world knows that Somaliland established itself as a state free from violence, wars, terrorism and political instability with its territorial integrity. Somaliland benefited from these developments and nation building efforts. These were achieved during the period of ex – President Marxuum Mohamed Ibrahim Egal.

Though not recognized by anyone; the international community allowed dealing with Somaliland as a de facto state. Somaliland established a multi-party system, with three national parties, to avoid that one party often has a chance of gaining power alone. Somaliland held several peaceful national elections like local councils, Parliamentary and presidential elections. Somaliland developed its foreign policy lopping in the AU meetings, in U.K. in the EU. It persuaded several countries in Africa and Europe, MPs of foreign countries and even international organizations to advocate for Somaliland sovereignty. Really Somaliland reached in front of the recognition gate. All these successes were taken during the period of ex-president Dahir Rayaale Kahin.

From there, it was needed from Siilaanyo Government to go forward to the next step of seeking recognition for the country; bargaining with all the above developments made by the previous governments; That was to make efforts to persuade some countries that Somaliland deserves recognition; to continue working with Somaliland’s friends in Africa, and Europe; to increase lopping in the AU, EU and IGAD. But unfortunately, president Silanyo turned from that strategic path that could be a short cut to reach recognition. Instead Kulmiye government stopped communicating with all Somaliland international supporters and advocators. It shut some very important representative offices in Africa like South Africa, Senegal, Ghana and others. It diverted the foreign policy of seeking friends and recognition to a new policy of opening talks with Somalia. The talks and meetings with Somalia were going on throughout Silanyo’s seven years rule; Somaliland benefiting nothing but loss of time. In the seven years of Kulmiye rule, Somalia recovered much of its problems including its recognition as the republic of Somalia, besides playing a humiliating tactics with Silanyo’s government. Here we are, facing the most politically critical situation ever. These retarding diplomatic failures that slowed down or hindered Somaliland’s progress to recognition were experienced during the period of ex- president Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo.

Every day is a new opportunity for Somaliland. A government can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again; so what to expect from Kulmiye’s new government headed by President Musa Bihi Abdi? Picking up Somaliland out of these political failures it is now experiencing? Or digging and putting Somaliland deeper in to the bottom of the muddy pool?

Adam Ali Younis

Email: aayonis@hotmail.com