The Sahil region on Saturday offered to support the candidacy of Abdirahman Mahmed Abdillahi Irro for the presidency of Somaliland when the elections are held in November this year.

At a gathering at the Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa, 30 politicians and their supporters from the Sahil, Togdheer and Maroodijeex Region including leaders, academics, and dignitaries said they were confident Mr Irro, the Wadani Party candidate was the best person to turn around the fortunes of Somaliland.

Mr Irro was excited saying that after 22 years, the Sahil region is fully supporting him. He promised that if he wins the election, he will work to meet the region’s needs.

He mentioned that the one of the main need that Sahil region has had over the years is lack of electricity adding that the current and previous administrations have failed to fix the problem.

“I promise that this will be fixed once we take over leadership,” said Irro while encouraging them to vote him for change in order to reach unity for everyone in Somaliland.

Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Cumar who talked at the ceremony said: “Every country has a political language known as “deep state which is organized force which includes technical leaders of civil servants, biochemical servants and people who have a major impact on national politics while helping the strategic opportunities in the region that will soon provide.

When it comes to Somaliland’s political direction, Habar Awal clan is “deep state”. I called on them to be a be part of the political change to save the country by using their voice and power deep/state.

He added: “During Somaliland’s history, social and political agreements were crucial in keeping the country and its people united. Recently, these agreements have started to break down. We need to fix them and focus on unity and cooperation to achieve lasting peace and full collaboration”

The former chairman of the National Electoral Commission and a former Kulmiye party minister, now with the Waddani Party Abdikadir liman Warsame who spoke at a forum said that people have already seen what Kulmiye has done and agree there needs to be a change and a new president. He urged people to vote for change and support presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro.