The nation of Somaliland has been unrecognised by the international community for nearly three decades, yet it has managed to preserve relative peace and stability in that time. Situated in the north-west of Somalia, this unrecognised nation declared its independence in 1991 following the ousting of dictator Siad Barré.

Though unrecognised as a sovereign state, Somaliland is a functioning democracy with an established economy. It maintains its own military and police forces, and is known for its commitment to women’s rights. The capital city of Hargeisa is home to an estimated population of 1 million people who strive to build a more prosperous future despite their nation’s lack of international recognition.

In 2020, the BBC released a documentary exploring the history of Somaliland and its current situation. Through interviews with prominent figures such as Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Abiy Ahmed and former President Silanyo, we are given an inside look into the struggles and successes faced by this unrecognised region. This documentary serves as an important reminder of the power that can be achieved through resilience and determination even when facing seemingly insurmountable odds.

We strongly encourage viewers to watch this eye-opening documentary about Somaliland’s journey towards becoming a peaceful and prosperous nation. Through this docuseries, we can gain valuable insight into what it takes for one people to find success on their own terms without the help or recognition from other countries