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Somaliland: Waddani Chair Expected To Return On Wednesday

Hargeisa,(Qaran news)- The chair of Somaliland’s main opposition party and former Speaker of the Somaliland House of Representatives, Abdirhaman Mohamed Abdillahi “Cirro” is expected back in Somaliland on Wednesday, Apri 24th, 2019. Insha’Allah.

The chair who has been in Europe for almost the past three months, on both official and personal business, will return to Somaliland, at a time that two other political parties, Kulmiye and UCID, have reached an agreement on the current impasse pertaining to the scheduled parliamentary and local elections.

The prolonged absence of the chair has had an effect on the party, which needed focused leadership at a crucial time. Although both interim chair, Abdilqadir Ismail Jirde and Party Leader, Xersi Haji Ali Hassan, have done their best to fill in the void, the past few months have seen Waddani outmaneuvered on the political front by the ruling Kulmiye party.

With the parliamentary and local elections scheduled for December, 2019, Waddani needs to get its programme across to the Somaliland voters, and prepare for the elections.