Shukri H.Ismail Mohamoud, (Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Somaliland.)

The rural areas play a vital role in our nation’s economy, and they have been severely affected by climate change. We’ve trained our people, from the regional level down to the village level, to raise awareness about climate change and sustainable practices.

Our call for international recognition is not just about recognition on paper; it’s about the support and collaboration we desperately need. We have taken significant steps to minimize the impact of climate change, and we’ve worked hard to develop a comprehensive approach to environmental conservation and sustainability. However, we cannot face these challenges alone.

We are fortunate to have a partner in DP World, a global company that has invested in our nation’s development. Their investments in the Berbera Port and corridor infrastructure have been transformative, generating employment opportunities, improving trade, and strengthening delivery services. These developments have benefitted both urban and rural areas.

DP World’s support extends beyond infrastructure into education, health, and creating livelihoods. It’s a testament to what public-private partnerships can achieve.

We invite DP World and others to support us further, specifically in addressing deforestation, promoting sustainable fishing practices, and developing the marine environment. We recognize the potential of Somaliland’s blue economy and are committed to its sustainable development.

Our optimism and determination reflect our desire to move forward, to seek international recognition, and to stand as an independent nation. We are a rich nation, but we remain untapped. Our unique sea and extensive coastline hold immense promise. We invite you to trust in our potential, just as DP World has, and support us on this journey.

It’s time for the world to acknowledge our resilience, progress, and the urgent need for international recognition. Recognizing Somaliland is not just an act of goodwill; it’s an acknowledgment of the remarkable transformation we have undergone and our commitment to a brighter future for our people and the world.