The period between 2nd and 12th May 1960 is a very historically important 10 days to be remembered by Somaliland people as 63 years ago a historic conference took place at White Hall, London, between the British Government and the representatives of the Somaliland ‘would be Government’. This conference was called the Constitutional Conference of Somaliland. In this Conference HMG accepted honourably the wishes of the Somaliland leaders and on 4th May 1960 The Secretary of State for the Colonies, The Rt. Hon. Iain Macleod, announced the declaration of Somaliland independence on 26th June 1960. Hence, Somaliland became independent on 26th June 1960. However, it gave up its freedom after four days as reported by the Daily Herald Newspaper of London on 29th June 1960:
“Somaliland, a British colony for nearly 80 years, became independent last Sunday. And on Friday, after four days of freedom, this British outpost will surrender its sovereignty and merge with its sister, Somalia. It has decided not to remain in the Commonwealth. Somaliland, eastern gateway to Dark Africa, was hardly worth a sniff in the world’s press until three days ago. Now it has become an area of historical significance. And the reason is that its merger with Somalia is unique, as Somalia itself is not yet free. Somalia, known as Italian Somaliland, is still technically under UN trusteeship, and becomes formally free only in December.”
Under this voluntary union of British Somaliland and Italian Somali Italian Somaliland independence day was scheduled in December 1960 but the Italian Government made an unexpected manoeuvre by declaring on 1st July 1960 Italian Somalia independence.
Among others the results of the rejected freedom were: 31 years of bondage, humiliation, massacre of civilians and summary executions with a death toll of over 80,000, mass arrests, brutality, rape, unfair trails, harsh prison conditions, systematic patterns of torture and a Policy of Extermination and Genocide named Final Solution of Somalia’s “PROBLEM” as explicitly stated in the Official Secret “MORGAN REPORT” dated 17 Jan 1987. The genocide and atrocities committed by General Siad Barre against Somaliland people are well documented and the carnage during those years (1981-1990) is known as the Hidden War in Somaliland as coined by Rt Hon Alun Michael MP in July 1988 in the historic debate at Westminster.
The Secretary of State for Colonies, Mr Lennox-Boyd, made a political statement on 9th February 1959 in Hargeisa stating: “Whatever the eventual destiny of the protectorate Her Majesty’s Government will continue to take interest in the welfare of its inhabitants”. This policy statement says it all and I hope and many Somalilanders here in Great Britain of whom many are now British Citizens and others in other countries and back home hope that Her Majesty’s Government with conviction will honour its pledge and would not let us down.
Finally, I hope and all Somalilnders hope
 your support and signing for the Motion on 4th July for the Recognition of Somaliland Republic which is tabled by Sir Gavin Williamson.
 His Majesty’s Government will honour the deep feeling of Somaliland people in regaining their legitimate Sovereignty as illustrated earlier, and underlined by the following great artistical by Abdirahman Jibril, who is a British Somaliland intellectual and Dr Adna Adan unique speech of the 63 Commemoration of Somaliland Independence. which I shared with you on last Monday 26th June as per my email below.
Thank you for your support
Eid Ali Ahmed Chartered Fellow CIPD, MBA, PGCE
Former Deputy Director of Welsh Refugee Council, Community Leader and Senior Adviser of Somaliland Government

Somaliland commemorates 63th anniversary of independence