Taiwan donates medical equipment to Somaliland. (Facebook, Taiwan Representative Office in Somaliland photo)

Taiwan donates medical equipment to Somaliland. (Facebook, Taiwan Representative Office in Somaliland photo)


The Taiwan Representative Office in Somaliland gifted the East African country medical equipment in a handover ceremony on Sunday (May 7).

The equipment included trauma kits and other supplies from the Taiwan Medical Mission in Somaliland and wheelchairs from Taiwan’s NGOs.

The donation comes as the Somaliland National Army is fighting local clan militias in the city of Las Anod. The conflict has killed over 300 Somalilanders and displaced 153,000-203,000 people.

Taiwan representative to Somaliland Allen C. Lou (羅震華) said that the donation is a testament to “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” “Taiwan believes peace and health both can increase human welfare,” he said.

He added that Taiwan resolutely believes that “Care, sympathy, and empathy transcend borders.”

Lou said this donation will attract more support from other like-minded partners. Taiwan’s representative office will continue to act as the intermediary between Taiwan’s NGOs and Somaliland to provide resources to the country to benefit the underprivileged, he said.

The representative pointed out that Taiwan is actively garnering international support for its inclusion in the World Health Association as an observer and meaningful participation in World Health Organization activities. Taiwan has the will and ability to contribute more to the world, and healthcare should not be politicized or weaponized, he said.

Since Taiwan and Somaliland face similar obstacles in fighting for participation in the international arena, to help Taiwan is also to help Somaliland, Lou said. It is time to show that “a democracy is helping a democracy,” he said.

Lou said Taiwan needs global support to promote this cause.

In November, Taiwan donated two ambulances to Hargeisa Group Hospital and Gabiley General Hospital through the bilateral Maternal and Infant Health Care Improvement Project, which seeks to increase the accessibility of maternal and infant healthcare services in Somaliland.

Taiwan and Somaliland forged closer ties in 2020, mutually setting up representative offices in Taipei and Hargeisa.


Source   Taiwan News