The Alliance of African Journalists and Human Rights Activists” urges the African Union to address the issue of Somaliland.

In a statement signed by Secretary-General Ké Bem Omar, the alliance calls on the African Union to seek a resolution to the Somaliland issue, emphasizing that the Union’s silence will complicate matters. The alliance advocates for immediate intervention between Ethiopia and Somalia to save the Horn of Africa.

According to the statement received by Wajuma News, the Alliance of African Journalists and Human Rights Activists deems it crucial to stand with the choices of African peoples and handle relevant issues related to self-determination wisely. The statement highlights the historic success stories of African countries gaining independence through the right to self-determination, such as Eritrea and South Sudan, emphasizing their significant roles in the African Union.

The statement reminds the African Union of its past successes and expresses strong bewilderment at its current silence regarding the situation in Somaliland. The Alliance criticizes the African Union for not giving strategic importance to Somaliland in the Horn of Africa, despite the hosting country’s state’s willingness to be recognized.

The Alliance notes that Somaliland’s quest for independence is not new, dating back to 1991 when Hargeisa’s government began advocating for the legitimate demand supported by historical and objective conditions for the establishment of a sovereign and unconditional state. The Alliance urges the African Union to prioritize the Somaliland issue in its agendas.

The Alliance calls on the African Union to examine the historical facts about Somaliland and accept the current reality as a solution to this historical crisis, aiming to preserve security and stability in the Horn of Africa and respect the rights of peoples in determining their destiny. The recent Ethiopian-Somaliland agreement is seen by the Alliance as a potential solution to the historical crisis, benefiting both the region and the world. The Alliance encourages parties opposing this agreement to reconsider their stance, emphasizing that threats of war and regional instability contradict the region’s need for peace and security. Finally, the Alliance urges the African Union to protect this sovereign agreement, providing diplomatic and political conditions beneficial to both the continent and the world.