The civil society umbrella denied that they participated in a meeting held in Mogadishu

Hargeisa (Qaran news) – The chairman of Somaliland’s civil society organizations, Anwar Warsame, has denied a report that a member of his organization has been involved in a meeting held in Mogadishu.

And so he said in a statement he issued which reads as follows:-

“It is a false issue in the article that it is said that a representative of Somaliland’s civil society organizations named Rooda Abdullahi Hassan participated in a conference held in Mogadishu. This news was published by the Ministry of Interior of Somalia on their Twitter account.

I warn the authorities of Mogadishu to stay away from this kind of fake news, as these baseless reports have been repeated many times. On the other hand, there is no registered organization in Somaliland that attended the meeting in Mogadishu.”